osteopathy in the bio-dynamic field

The foundation of the course is set upon the therapeutic powers of the Dynamic Stillness, the Breath of Life, the Tidal potency, fluids and other Natural Laws at work supporting and generating life.  No technique will be taught other than full cooperation with the composite of the Living Mechanism and its intention within the moment.  This is not about bones, or levers, or palpation.  This is not about balanced membranous or ligamentous articular tension; these approaches are a different composite.  This is about the Tide at work as the primary source of diagnosis and treatment with no application of force to Osteopathic lesions or psycho-emotional systems.  The environment will be in the quiet of the Natural world with small groups of participants.  Time for rest, reflection and exercise will be woven into the program.  The curriculum is called Biodynamics because it focuses on contact with Tidal forces as they specifically interchange in an ever changing motif from moment to moment.  It is a living contact with life.

Osteopathy has shamefully hidden its Greatest Mystery and resources.  I believe that to acknowledge a higher wisdom at work and to sense rather than palpate is at the Soul of Osteopathy.  A Soul that will not compromise the Beauty and Consciousness that lies beyond our intellect.  Integrity demands that we speak undiluted truth.  We are always perfect beginners, inspired, awed, apprehensive and self-searching; teaching is an act of love for the truth that is at the cornerstone of Originality.

Within the Dynamic Stillness we are healed without process or time.  From the Breath of Life a new living matrix is created in each moment.  The Tide brings us the power of Life and “feeds” us.  The fluids respond, lawfully balancing the power of life and skilfully “driving” the hydraulic/potency continuum towards perfect proportion.  The remainder imitates, dances, and flows but does not make “decisions”.  Here is the key.  Decisions are made by the Breath of Life, decisions that dictate the priority, proportion, and endpoint of healing; decisions that the physician can perceive and sense using instinct and intuition followed by an intellectual understanding of the format.  We begin with sensing Health, Life at work, not structural lesions. In a sense the platform has been reversed.  We are following motion to its Source; the finite and infinite into the Whole.

James S. Jealous D.O.